1. How many models are utilized in your analyses? And do you share which ones?

The number of models used at any one time may vary depending on a given model's results over a period of time. Our experts may elect to exclude certain models from NBA analyses, yet choose to include that model for NHL plays based on the model's reliability in that sport. To safeguard the hard work of our team, we do not divulge the models that are in play on any given day.  

2. I don't want to join for a week long membership yet. Are there any other options?

​Yes, we offer a three day trial period for just $5 in order for new members to give our service a try before subscribing for a longer period of time. This package is available on the "Purchase a Plan" tab of our website.

​3. What happens if I join and I don't win? Do you offer refunds?

​We do not offer refunds. Unfortunately, losing is part of the game. While we strive to avoid downtrends, no model can guarantee positive results everyday or every week. As a member, you should further evaluate each play that is distributed. If you don't have a strong feeling about it, pass on it. Ultimately, the choice is your own. 

​4. Can I pay via Venmo?

​Unfortunately, we only accept PayPal at this time. PayPal offers the ability to link a debit or credit card to your account as a means of broadening payment options. 



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